About me

I was a normal kid.  My mom called me "compliant."  She described me as an obedient, well-behaved girl.  That didn't mean I was perfect.  It didn't mean that I never disobeyed my parents. Even "good girls" need Jesus and God's forgiveness.  I was just such a "good girl."


I'd gone to an old-fashioned revival service when I was 12 years old.  During that service I recognized my need for forgiveness and accepted Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.  While I'd never done drugs or drank, I knew I needed to be forgiven for all the so called "little sins" – lying, disobeying my parents, acting in anger, jealousy, etc.  I knew I needed Jesus in order to be forgiven and be allowed into heaven.  Thus, my rebirth and "second life" began.


Since that time, I have grown spiritually.  With each year's passing, I have become more and more committed to my faith.  My devotion to the spiritual disciplines – Bible reading, study, and memorization, prayer, and church attendance – has become increasingly stronger.  I've endured struggles, with God's help, that I know

I could never have made it through alone – the near loss of my daughter before she was even born and my own near death due to a life-threatening illness among them.


With Jesus in my life, I have a courage, a hope, and a zest for life that I couldn't have had without Him.


I want you to have that same courage, that same hope, that same zest for life.

You can.


Simply tell God that you know that you have sinned (disobeyed Him).  Ask Him to forgive you.  Tell Him you want Jesus to be an active part of your everyday life.


When you do, He will begin to work in your life in ways that you can't imagine!  Believe me...you will be the better for having Jesus Christ in your life!

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